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A. SORBOTHANE ® is a new visco elastic material which after many years of clinical and scientific research was developed to provide a new method of relieving pain and at the same time giving maximum comfort and protection from many of the common problems experienced in the foot, leg, and back.

triangrd.gif (69 bytes)  The Lumbar Stabilizer compresses and/or stabilizes the Lumbar Spine by utilizing an anatomically compatible padding and tightening system. 

triangrd.gif (69 bytes)  The IEM Maternity Sacroiliac (SI) Support is designed to stabilize the postural changes of pregnancy. 

triangrd.gif (69 bytes)  The "S-I" Support supports the base of the spine, allowing for lumbar mobility while providing pelvic stability.  

triangrd.gif (69 bytes)  Like millions of people all over the world, you too can experience the protection, comfort and relief of Sorbothane. Medical research has proven that in normal walking, when your heel hits the ground your body suffers from "HEEL STRIKE" shock, which can not only cause painful foot, leg and back symptoms, but also aggravates many existing problems and the pain of being on your feet all day.